Meet the Schmanelists

Schmanelist: ShawnBorn in the upside down he was raised for the first eleven years of his life by his uncle the Demongorgon. After realizing that the land was slowly being invaded by Christmas lights he decided he had to journey into the “real” world.

Instead he fell into a world of books, television, and video games. Since these things cost money, he entered the field of professional book jockey. He has yet to leave and doesn’t plan on it.

SWM 30 looking for long term relationship where the person is comfortable with having cheese included in every meal.

Schmanelist: MiraGothbrarian by day, writer and artist by night.  I like to make stuff: food, art, stories, maybe some sarcastic jokes, probably a mess… In the zombie apocalypse, I might die first despite being a ninja, unless I could cram myself into a really good hiding place.  I’m pretty small, I win at hiding.  In the faerie apocalypse, I’d totally survive.  Yes, faeriepocalypse is a thing.  Also, I really have a problem with zombies, but let’s not get into that.

If you’re curious, you can find my art and writing here.
I’m also on Goodreads and Twitter.

I believe in the power of knowledge, reading, equality, chocolate, and glitter.  I love the weird, the dark, and cute animals.  So I live in a dark, cramped apartment with too many books, an accidental cat, and a crested gecko.

Schmanelist: AlanAlan Ray Trammel is an American Comedian, Improvisor, Actor, Artist, Writer, and Office Clerk. Making people laugh since age five, Alan has honed his craft to make friends and influence people that would otherwise ignore him completely.

During his life, Alan is known as one of the most successful individuals in the world.

He can be found starring in student films, YouTube videos, new podcasts, or Live, on stage, performing Improv Comedy at Unscrewed Theater in Tucson, Arizona.

Schmanelist: BenBen is a preschool teacher by day and a tired person by night. He’s also a Muppets fan, picture book collector, and too-many-pets-haver. Ben’s favorite Dolly Parton song changes about once a month, but he mostly likes the ones about Jesus or adultery.

One time Ben saw the actress Judith Light in the lobby of a hotel. She walked into the hotel’s restaurant before he could think of something to say so he asked the hostess of that was really Judith Light.

“Who is Judith Light?” asked the hostess.

Ben thought of Judith Light playing an acerbic author who was dying of cancer in the stage play “Wit”. “She was Angela on ‘Who’s the Boss’ ” he told the hostess.

“Oh, then I think that must be her because I heard one of the servers earlier saying that one of the stars of Who’s the Boss is here.”

That’s when the baker Ben was supposed to meet entered the lobby. Ben went with the baker into the banquet room to help her set up the cupcakes, which is when Judith Light left the restaurant and the hotel altogether. Later that day Ben got married.

Ben’s annoying Twitter handle is @M15t3rB3n.

Schmanelist: JennJenn is a local creative and self styled modern renaissance woman. She dabbles relentlessly in oil paint and word exchange from article writing to podcasting (and the occasional é*p£!t!v€…)

Jenn also podcasts regularly with We Are Nerds Podcast and has been volunteering with Phoenix & Tucson Comic Cons since 2013. Don’t question Jenn’s nerd cred, it makes her angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. She’s a tad loud and a LOT opinionated so buckle in.

Jenn hates writing bios but when faced with the threat of “give me three paragraphs or I’m making something up,” she blah blah blahs until upper management is happy.

Schmanelist: DavidDavid is an incredibly silly person, with a passion for every sort of artistic performance he can get people to watch or listen to. He’s been in a band, streamed games on Twitch, sang in more than one choir, fought in medieval tournaments, done stage acting and improv at the Gaslight, Beowulf, Comedy Playhouse, and Unscrewed Theatres in Tucson, and just recently recorded his first commercial voiceover demo (link to come).

He currently works in the tech industry, programming games and fixing everyone’s I.T. problems (try turning it off and on again), when not up on a stage or in a recording booth somewhere, or volunteering to run tech at local theatres, or just stuck in whatever latest book or video game has struck his fancy.

He is very happy to bring his years of being a huge nerd to the Panel Schmanel arena, to amuse and hopefully enlighten listeners with whatever trivia tidbits and odd ideas have stuck in his brain over the years, or by simply bursting into song at inappropriate times. Enjoy the podcast!

Schmanelist: RachelRachel has a lot of bad habits that include interrupting people, daydreaming while others are talking, and forgetting what she was just told. Obviously, she’s the ideal moderator. Her three cats and one dog would agree, anyway. They’ve all been bribed with tuna.

Rachel likes terrible 80s movies, all kinds of cartoons, a wide range of music that somehow manages to not overlap at all with her husband’s tastes, glitter, googly eyes (the bigger the better), rhinestones, and all things tacky and shiny. She might be a magpie wearing a human suit. The world will never know.

When she isn’t shooting people with Nerf guns, she gets paid to run Storytimes and play with Legos. Clearly, she’s living her best life.

Schmanelist: SteveSteve is an international man of mystery and the magic that makes Panel Schmanel happen. The glue that holds it all together. The man behind the curtain. We’d like to say he’s our silent partner, but he keeps talking.

Steve is the art director at Edible Baja Arizona and owns Impulse Nine Media. He posts instrumental music sometimes to Soundcloud. We recommend Monolith if you want to go to sleep. (It’s meant to do that, we’re not being mean.)

When he isn’t recording and editing Panel Schmanel, Steve enjoys lasagna, weird sodas, and cute cat videos.

Schmanelist: Steve

Amy loves animals, wine, Dean Winchester, and her husband who wrote this bio for her. Her many special skills include soupsmithery (the creative art of soup-making), choosing thoughtful gifts, and resisting the urge to argue with people on social media.

Amy considers herself to be a life-long learner, and by “learner” she means “RuPaul’s Drag Race viewer.” She has never seen Judith Light in person but is married to someone who has.

You can follow her on Instagram @calamity.aim.

schmanelists-unknownMYSTERY NEW PERSON (named Kate) coming soon!