Episode #12: Dictators

The panel discusses the powers of dictators, and how they would use or abuse them. Unsurprisingly, David’s answer involves ice cream.

Shawn’s Homework



Here’s an interesting list of benevolent dictators.

Korean days of the week are actually based on Chinese elements, plus the Sun and Moon – meaning Monday and Sunday are basically the same as in English.

月 (yuè) – moon = 월요일 (wol-yo-il) – Monday
火 (huǒ) – fire = 화요일 (hwa-yo-il) – Tuesday
水 (shuǐ) – water = 수요일 (su-yo-il) – Wednesday
木 (mù) – wood = 목요일 (mok-yo-il) -Thursday
金 (jīn) – gold = 금요일 (geum-yo-il) – Friday
土 (tǔ) – earth = 토요일 (to-yo-il) – Saturday
日 (rì) – sun = 일요일 (il-yo-il) – Sunday