Episode #19: Wasting Away in Hyrule

Rachel probes the gamer minds of Shawn, David, and Alan as they explore which video games they would live in, which is actually their lives, and of course David talks about how he would definitely die painfully. Somehow, the topic of Edge of Tomorrow literally never comes up.

Episode #18: Evil Masterminds

Turns out, special guest Liora’s experience growing her own business (at overtone.co) gave her a lot of insights into how to keep your neighbors from reporting your mad genetic experiments in an upstairs apartment.

Also special note: Sorry about the last episode’s “blank” podcast. We’ve uploaded the proper file, but iTunes (or whatever your podcast service) may or may not care. To listen, come to our site at panelschmanel.com.

Episode #16: Living in Art

If you could live inside a painting — which would you choose? Jenn goes for the classics, Steve wants to live in a NASA fantasy, and David … well …

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Episode #15: Zombies vs. Werewolves vs. Vampires

The panel takes on one of the great nerd quandaries of our time: Which is better, zombies, werewolves, or vampires? New panelist Zoe feels very strongly that her pick is superior.

Episode #13: Ice Cream Socialism

If you could make one law, what would it be? According to our panelists, chocolate, ice cream, and Bill & Ted are apparently integral to a peaceful world.

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Episode #11: Teleportation and Spider Loafs

In this episode, the panel discusses teleportation. Mira wants to move couches, and Steve predicts the immediate demise of civilization. Continue reading “Episode #11: Teleportation and Spider Loafs”

Episode #10: 50 Shades of Green

The Shmanelists explore the wild world of genre crossovers: Living in movies, and crossing famous movies, TV shows, and books. Steve makes a case for the quiet life in Police Academy, Ben wants to be a claymation figure, and Amy wants to follow murders but not actually be murdered. Star Trek, Pee Wee, drag queens, and Archie Bunker all make appearances. And that title…

Episode #9: The Wookie Life Day Special

The Schmanelists have gathered before watching Rogue One to discuss everyone’s favorite space opera, complete with a special guest schmanelist, the Star Wars Holiday Special, and a passionate outburst from the supposedly-quiet sound engineer about why Qui-Gon Jinn was the worst. Also, a bonus question about wookie anatomy. Continue reading “Episode #9: The Wookie Life Day Special”