Episode #8: A Space Odyssey with Pauly Shore

What if you were a space explorer?

What if you were a space explorer? Ben is really excited about a space cruise, Jen and Shawn are going solo just so they can finally have a quiet moment, and Biosphere 2 turns out the be relevant to Episode 4. 

Shawn’s Homework


Trailer for Forever Young


Check out XKCD’s what-if take on Michael Collins, who was the most isolated person in the world for a moment, and perhaps ever.

Valar Morghulis – Valar Dohaeris: A phrase used in Game of Thrones meaning “all men must die” – “all men must serve”

The Pale Blue Dot is a photo from Voyager – and an amazing bit of science.


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry

The Slap, where, I guess, slapping a kid ends in thermonuclear war.